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Artist Statement

Robyn is an abstract artist, born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Having two creative parents, she was interested early in life in making art, and was encouraged by her teachers to follow that interest. As is often the case, life in the real world took precedence, and she went about becoming a professional in the fields of both real estate paralegal services and then counseling/psychotherapy. She is a graduate of Old Dominion University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Counseling Psychology.

To fulfill her creative inclinations, she began designing and creating jewelry and greeting cards in her free time. While she enjoyed these, they still weren’t enough to fulfill her passion, so she decided one day to pick up a brush and some paints. To her, it felt like a natural progression to make the move to painting. That was when her true artistic spark was re-ignited once again. After posting one of her paintings on her personal Facebook page, her dear friend, Kathy, gave her some very encouraging praise by saying, “If you painted that, you need to find an agent!” Robyn is still grateful to her to this day, as it gave her the courage to show her work to others, who also gave her compliments and encouraged her to continue painting. (A big shout-out here to the Moguls and the Garys too.)

A self-taught abstract artist (while giving credit to the many talented and gracious artists from whom she's learned so much), and after learning numerous artistic styles of painting using all kinds of media, she has decided to focus her attentions mainly on abstract artwork paintings. “I still have to do a few pastel landscapes here and there, because I can’t quite let that medium go,” she says. She concentrates on abstracts, she says, because there is a feeling of "freedom" from the “rules of art," while still attending to the basic fundamentals of line, color, shape, value, and design.

Her abstract art paintings are never really begun with a “final” work in mind, but rather, once she begins painting, she lets the work take her where it wants to go. “It’s always exciting to begin a piece, because even though I have an idea of what I want to do, I never really know for sure where it will take me.” She adds, “The hardest part for me is naming the pieces, because I might see something different than another person would. (Thanks JBL)  While I realize that it’s 'necessary' to do this, I hope that regardless of the name, people will appreciate my work for what they see in it—what emotions the pieces evoke in them—what it means to their life, not mine.” 

Now a resident of Bonita Springs/Naples, Florida, she takes advantage of the extraordinarily beautiful tropical surroundings and warm weather and uses them as her inspiration. “I don’t like snow!  Well, not so much the snow, per se, (because it can be quite beautiful) but the COLD. I don’t do well in cold climates! I often say I’m 'solar-powered'.” Additionally, she finds the opportunities that the large art communities in both the Bonita Springs- and Naples-areas offer is tremendously beneficial.

When she’s not painting abstract art artworks, Robyn is ‘Mommy’ to Riley, her beautiful and sweet Miniature Goldendoodle. She also enjoys time with her many friends, organizing parties and socializing, cooking, traveling, being in or on the water, and admiring the beautiful beaches and sunsets in southwestern Florida.

If you’d like to contact her, Robyn is available through her website at RobynMarkowitz.com. Her email address is: Robyn@RobynMarkowitz.com, and her phone number is (757) 574-7144. She does many local shows that will be posted on her social media sites, and is available for commissioned works by contacting her directly.

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